CoDR has demonstrated success and expansion of its mission since its very beginning.  From small meetings in two institutions to the current ministry purview encompassing multiple components and multiple locations, the energy of the Holy Spirit has found a tireless conduit through Dan Lund, the founder of CoDR and its leading minister.

Dan recognized his call into this ministry as he personally witnessed the ravages of substance abuse as a recovering alcoholic with now 45 years of sobriety.  Dan and his wife Jan were also parents of a son, now deceased, who was incarcerated for many years for drug offenses.  Through the Grace of God, their son passed away sober and re-committed to his faith.  It is through this heartfelt journey that Dan has always envisioned that providing a sober living environment would be a cornerstone of the CoDR Mission Plan. 

Through the years of maintained growth and responsible stewardship of time, talent, resources, and finances, CoDR is C0CFEA7C 5BAD 4756 8AC6 7AEC47352443 32889 0000063C8395F580now in an optimal position to begin making formal plans for this next essential component of ministry, a residential Christian Human Development Center (CHDC).  

 Church of the Damascus Road provides a confidential, non-denominational, non-confrontational fellowship of people united in a common faith in Jesus Christ and that God is the source of all healing. This is primarily realized by providing a recovery program within Texas Department of Criminal Justice institutions which is based on Christian theology and the “12 Step” principles of Alcoholics Anonymous.