The Church of the Damascus Road (CoDR) is called to foster the healing and redemptive dimensions of Christ's Love and Hope to the incarcerated, those addicted to drugs, alcohol, and other destructive behaviors/choices as well as those who may love someone in these struggles. 

Founded in 2007, CoDR is a Mission Ministry of the Northern Texas-Northern Louisiana Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America and operates ecumenically as a ministry for all believers in Christ inclusive of all church affiliations, worship preferences, and denominational doctrines.

The current functional components of CoDR include:

  • Serenity Worship Hour is a weekly worship service which follows the Bible lesson presentation laid out by the Revised Common Lectionary.  Worship liturgy is tailored to emphasize themes of recovery and renewal.  Serenity Worship Hour was held in-person at various TDCJ facilities prior to the Covid-19 restrictions put in place in 2020, and is now presented electronically by DVD distribution to several institutions throughout Texas, as well as via Facebook Live.

  • Bible Based Recovery (BBR) is a scheduled group meeting which closely resembles a traditional 12 Step Group open discussion spiritually enhanced by using Zondervan’s NIV Recovery Devotional Bible as its source material.  BBR Groups are held both inside TDCJ facilities, and as open group meetings for the general public at various churches and other approved locations throughout the region.